Discover Which Marketing Campaigns Are Actually Profitable

And Which Are Wasting Your Time & Money

- What if you knew where all your leads came from?
- This Wordpress plugin shows you exactly what's working and what's failing.
- And can track Adwords / SEO / Facebook / Organic / Bing and more!

WP Tracker automatically finds which marketing
channel is giving you the MOST leads & sales

Just picture how much of an advantage you'll have over your competitors
and the time & money you'll save when you can track every lead...
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WP Tracker gives you complete, in-depth information on every single lead.
And works with almost any Wordpress and non-Wordpress form!
WP Tracker shows you the SOURCE, MEDIUM, KEYWORD and
CAMPAIGN of each form submission.
After you install WP Tracker, you'll have access to all this information. Allowing you to discover what's driving you the most leads, and how they got there! But that's not all...
WP Tracker also shows you the GEOLOCATION, LANDING PAGE,
Knowing your target audience is crucial for cost-effective advertising. And now you can find out EXACTLY who to market to, and what site to focus more on! But this is still just the beginning...
WP Tracker tracks the user's activity from beginning to end.
From FIRST CLICK, to LAST CLICK (and even in between!)
Whether a user comes to your site from one or multiple sources, our plugin tracks it all! Giving you a crystal-clear picture of how they arrived, where they went, and where they left off.
Easily view all WP Tracker information via email.
Or import it directly onto your CRM (such as Salesforce and Zoho)

WP Tracker In Action

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How Our Users Took Advantage
Of WP Tracker

Look at the results our past customers received using this Wordpress plugin!
Eliran Aberzel Founder at
"After we started using WP Tracker to track source data, we discovered that our Facebook campaigns have a much higher ROI than we had originally thought."
Eliran Aberzel Founder at
Steve Griffin Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at 3Q Digital
"With WPTracker, we are able to track leads back to specific advertising sources. As a result we are able to tell which of our advertising efforts bring the best visitors to our site."
Oren Zigelman Marketing Manager at BPM College
"We were struggling to understand our prospects' path on our websites. WP Tracker provided us with a simple and quick solution to this problem."
Oren Zigelman Marketing Manager at BPM College


Whether you have one or multiple domains, we offer a special package for each!
  • 5'000 unique users per month
  • E-mail support
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  • 50'000 unique users per month
  • E-mail support
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  • 500'000 unique users per month
  • Premium support
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WP Tracker Supports Multiple Forms

WP Tracker supports almost all types of Wordpress forms such as:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • Formidable
  • Nin
  • Fast Secure Contact Form
  • Visual Form Builder
  • WPForms
  • and more!

WP Tracker also supports most non-Wordpress forms:

  • Web-to-lead forms from Hubsport, Zoho CRM, Salesforce
  • Custom-coded HTML forms
  • Forms by such form providers as Formstack


Can WP Tracker track Adwords / SEO / Facebook / Organic / Bing / Etc.?
Yes. WP Tracker is compatible with nearly every advertising service.
Can I cancel WP Tracker any time?
Yes. You can cancel at anytime. No contracts. No committment!
How can I get the most out of WP Tracker?
WP Tracker helps you find which traffic source is giving you the most leads and sales. This prevents wasted money on ads with no results. And shows you what's actually working so you can get the best ROI.
If a user came from channel X, and came back from channel Y in 3 months, will WP Tracker remember the original channel?
Yes. WP Tracker will keep track of the original channel the user came from. So you'll know what's giving you the best results.
Will my leads know that I’m tracking them?
They won't, unless they're tech-savvy and know how to inspect and examine your browser cookies.
Is it safe/legal to track where my leads come from?
Absolutely. WP Tracker is as safe and legal as using Google Analytics, or any other tracking software.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. Using WP Tracker is 100% risk-free! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you put the plugin to action and aren't completely satisfied with the results you receive, give us a call and we'll give you a full refund!
How long does it take to set up WP Tracker?
Setting up WP Tracker takes just 10 minutes by following our instructional video. If you think you'll need help, we do offer email support and consultations.

Stop Marketing Blindly

Let WP Tracker Guide You.
Track your leads and find what's working to save time and money, while skyrocketing your ROI today!
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